If you're a fan of "Making A Murderer," this case will sound all too familiar.

Three decades in jail after a conviction based on what is now called bogus science, 48-year-old George Perrot is finally free.

Perrot was found guilty at age 18 of unarmed robbery and rape, a conviction based, in large part, on a strand of hair. 

This past April, the Justice Department and FBI acknowledged there is no ability to identify a human based on such evidence. As a result, a judge overturned Perrot's conviction two days ago.

The head of the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism,  Florence Graves, joined Jim on Greater Boston to discuss the case.

"It's the first case that we know of...in which a judge has ruled that the science is wrong, the science is unacceptable," said Graves. "They wanted him to be responsible."

Graves cites that there was very little evidence in the case. "The victim testified, and she testified that he didn't do it." She also cited that the victim knew Perrot, as they were neighbors. 

Perrot is, "extremely angry," said Graves. "Every year he tried to get his conviction overturned."