Last week, on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, two Boston Latin students put out a YouTube video calling for others to raise awareness on social media about what they say they've encountered at the school. The students are giving examples of some suggested tweets. 

"#BlackAtBLS when you're the only black student in your AP US history course and when slavery comes up, they all turn to you."
"#BlackAtBLS when people can walk in the halls saying ni**er without fear of being reprimanded."
"#BlackAtBLS when your white peers are using twitter and facebook to put out racial slurs and negative things about students of color and you print out the tweets and give them to your headmaster in a binder and then she does nothing about it #blackatBLS."

 The Superintendent of Boston Public Schools  Dr. Tommy Chang ( @SuptChang) and Boston City Councilor  Tito Jackson ( @titojackson) discuss.