You first heard the Globe's report on Greater Boston about the Randolph dry cleaner who says State Senator Brian Joyce (@BrianAJoyce) was getting free services there, not just for himself, but for his family and sometimes his aides, for more than a decade.

Last week on Boston Public Radio, Governor Charlie Baker weighed in, saying, "In a situation like this where you have a private citizen speaking so forthrightly about a continuing pattern with respect to this type of activity, I think this is the sort of thing the ethics commission should take a really hard look at. There’s enough there to justify a review, absolutely."

This is not the first time Joyce has faced ethics and campaign finance charges, some of which were resolved today.

Joyce joined Jim on Greater Boston, in his first TV interview to respond to these complaints. He cited attorney-client privilege in responding to the Boston Globe's story

Joyce maintained his innocence throughout the interview. "I did not violate any campaign finance laws," he said, but agreed the stories don't look good. "I have not done anything wrong." 

Joyce said the multiple stories published about him prompted him to step down as assistant majority leader last year, as well as finally talk to the media. 

"I do the best I can, I’m not perfect," said Joyce. "This has been brutal on my family."