Ayad Akhtar’s “Disgraced,” won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 2013 and it's clear-- given the current political climate that it's still just as sharply relevant three years later. 

The play centers around Amir Kapoor, an American-born, Muslim-raised Pakistani and a high powered New York attorney trying to ascend the career ladder by distancing himself from his Muslim heritage. The 90 minute production centers around a dinner party hosted by Amir and his wife, Emily, an artist whose work focuses on Islamic themes.

Casual dinner conversation boils over as guests Jory, an African-American lawyer from Amir’s firm, and her husband Isaac, a Jewish art dealer handling Emily’s work, stir the complicated pot of identity politics. Tewksbury-born actor, Rajesh Bose, who plays Amir joins Callie Crossley to discuss the complex narrative of the play and the simmering tensions beneath it. “After 9/11, Amir changed his last name to hide his Muslim background.

Bose clearly relates to the character, as the child of immigrants. 

The actor earned a Bachelor of Arts in theater and film from Emerson College in 1993.