It's been a delivery debacle for The Boston Globe.

Late papers and no papers for thousands of subscribers. On Sunday, the reporters themselves took to delivering the Sunday Globe. 

Reporter Maria Cramer was one of those reporters. "We're really just helping people get their newspapers. We just really want people to not be so outraged anymore." 

For Globe reporter Hiawatha Bray, the delivery debacle is "a worrisome thing in a world in which newspapers are fighting to survive." 

"Our loyal readers are sitting here, tearing their hair screaming at us saying, 'where's our paper?!'" 

The Globe's new distributor, ACI, which they switched to a week ago, said that things will be back to normal in four to six months. Four to six months?! Frustrated is an understatement for thousands of Boston Globe subscribers.

But Globe CEO Michael Sheehansaid the return to normalcy should be quicker. "It'll improve faster than that...back to normal in 30-45 days. I think they'll see improvement with ACI starting this week."

Sheehan took accountability for the delivery failure. "I am the CEO and I am accountable for it." He also apologized to the readers, "we’re incredibly deeply sorry that this happened, and we’re going to fix it."