12/1: Christie's New Hampshire ROI Up

The polls may not show it, but Christie's incessant Granite State campaigning has started to pay off. He recently received the endorsement of New Hampshire heavyweights, including the state's largest newspaper (the  New Hampshire Union Leader) and many influential local politicians. The GOP presidential candidate has spent considerable time in New Hampshire, amounting to 49 visits and over 112 events. This puts the ol' Gov  right in the thick of it this primary season... 'tis the season.  


12/2: Too Little Too Late For Bush In NH? 

With all eyes on the first in the nation primary in only 10 weeks, Bush seems to be  ramping up in the Granite State (using his  beloved technology no doubt). But even with nearly double the campaign staff and increased airtime, he might not have a fighting chance to come in the top three on February 9. Christie already snagged the top endorsement from the state's largest newspaper and other key political figures, and Rubio and Cruz will be stiff competition (not to mention Trump). Someone has got to feel sorry for the guy...the  internet doesn't.


12/3: Ben Carson's 45 Minutes Of Fame Are Over? 

A new national poll shows that Ben Carson's moment of glory might be coming to an end. The semi-comatose neurosurgeon is  down 7% in the polls after it emerged that he didn't quite get foreign policy and might have "exaggerated" his life story. Trump, though, is like one of those effing inflatable punching bags that doesn't go down. He remains ahead of the pack, gaining 3% in the polls to bring him to a whopping 27%. Rubio trails behind with 17% and Cruz is tied with Carson with 16%.

  Pnut's Interview With Dr. Ben Carson


12/4: A Bust For 'Old Iron Ass' (AKA Dick Cheney)

For old time's sake (and because the campaign trail could use some spice), we thought we'd bring you the  immortal Dick Cheney. The man who brought us the Iraq War and made WMDs a household term was honored in the Capitol yesterday with none other than a... marble bust. That's right America, no getting rid of him now. George W. spoke at the unveiling, but the elder Bush didn't seem to mind missing it, ever critical of the man he fondly calls "Old Iron Ass.”