The Boston Globe Columnist Shirley Leung (@leung), WGBH News Reporter Adam Reilly(@reillyadam) and Cambridge City Councilor Nadeem Mazen(@nadeemtron) talk Hillary Clinton and the democratic race.

Safe to say this has been the best month so far for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. She did well in the first Democratic debate — her appearance before the House Benghazi Committee seems only to have raised questions about the interrogators, not the interrogatee. 

And of course, Vice President Joe Biden is out. 

And all who remain now are Clinton herself, Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley and Harvard’s own Larry Lessig. 

Now, she’s back in New Hampshire. And the first of her four stops was a Politics and Eggs event at Saint Anselm College, where she spent nearly the entire time talking about the economy.

"My mission as president will be raising incomes for hard working American class families and reigning in the expenses that they face starting with making college more affordable, refinancing student debt, bringing down the costs of prescription drug and out of pocket health expenses, a higher minimum wage and for fair pay for women and to make quality childcare more affordable."