Have you been drinking red wine wrong your entire life? (Well, hopefully not your entire life.) If you've been drinking it at room temperature, the answer may be yes.

Jonathon Alsop of the Boston Wine School has a tip for you: try it a little chilled.

"A lot of people feel like there's some sort of federal law or Constitutional amendment against putting your red wine in the refrigerator," Alsop said.

But sometimes a quick trip to the refrigerator can give reds, especially lighter reds like Pinot Noir, an improved flavor.

"Granted, really heavy, gutsy, inky California cabs or Aussie shiraz, these really opaque black, inky wines? They may not be so great when they're chilled down. But something like...a Pinor Noir, a light red, can really be improved with a little bit of chill," Alsop said.

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