Governor Paul Cellucci's widow Jan Cellucci (@CellucciJan) talks the Governor Cellucci Tribute Road Race and her late husband's legacy.

To get a sense of what appeal Paul Cellucci had, consider this: as a Republican, in this overwhelmingly blue state, he never lost an election. In over three decades in politics, including service in his hometown of Hudson, in both the state House and Senate, as a lieutenant Governor under Bill Weld, then succeeding Weld in 1997, and serving until 2001, when he resigned to become U.S. Ambassador to Canada.

In 2011, he announced publicly he’d been diagnosed with ALS, and he died of complications from the disease two years later.

"Once diagnosed, at the very next appointment...he asked Dr. Brown, 'What can I do to support you?'," said Cellucci. 

"Paul was most focused on wanting to take this diagnoses and doing the best he could with it."