• We started the show asking about the Iran nuclear deal: do you like what you hear? Are you comfortable to committing to what Sec. of State John Kerry and others have brokered?
  • US Rep. Niki Tsongas joined the show to react to news of the Iran deal. For a more detailed write-up, click here. (Starts at 27:00)
  • Mass. Governor Charlie Baker was back for his monthly "Ask the Gov" segment. There was a surprise when Mass. First Lady Lauren Baker stopped by Studio Three, too. (Starts at 53:00)
  • WCAI and WGBH Science Editor Heather Goldstone joined BPR to talk about the uncomfortable, possibly forward-thinking idea of showering less ... or not at all. After, Jim and Margery opened the lines to ask listeners if they were okay bathing less often, using less shampoo and soap, or using a "bacterial spray" instead of showering. (Starts at 1:49:00)
  • Boston Globe columnist Alex Beam was back for his regular Open Mic segment. He talked about how American literature is comparatively dark, and explained why people in Australia have been emailing trees. (Starts at 2:18:00)