Many rejoiced when the Supreme Court last month issued landmark rulings on same-sex marriage and President Obama's universal healthcare law, with both of those fights originated in Massachusetts. Former House Speaker Sal DiMasi was a leader on both issues.

But DiMasi couldn’t make it to the celebrations, as he sat in a North Carolina federal prison, serving time for a corruption conviction, and battling a cancer that went undiagnosed for months, while he was behind bars. 

Debbie DiMasi, talks about her fight to move her husband closer to home, and make sure he gets proper care. 

"He's been waiting for a biopsy for three months," said DiMasi. "There was seven months of time that his cancer was allowed to spread, and it did spread. So that to me is just so inhumane."

DiMasi explained that her husband would be eligible for compassionate release right now. "There's no good reason that he shouldn't be here." 

Her biggest fear is that her husband will die in prison.