Boston, Revere, and Mohegan Sun are suing the Massachusetts Gaming Commission over its decision to award a casino license in Everett— and a Superior Court judge is allowing the lawsuits to move forward.

Mohegan Sun was passed over for a casino license at Suffolk Downs, which would have been lucrative for the two host cities, Boston and Revere. Since then, they’ve filed a range of legal challenges. The Gaming Commission had tried to get Boston’s lawsuit against them thrown out because they said the paperwork the city filed was too long and complicated.

Boston’s attorney, Thomas Frongillo argued against that claim, saying. “I would say a ninth grader in high school can understand what this complaint is all about and what the claims are.”

The judge agreed, and allowed all three lawsuits to continue for now. She scheduled a hearing for September 22 on the Gaming Commission’s motion to dismiss them.

“We’re pleased that we’re going to have the opportunity to present to the court in very short order motions to dismiss all three of the claims,” says David Mackey, attorney for the Gaming Commission. He went on to say “We look forward to briefing those issues and arguing those issues to the court.”

The judge ruled that Boston, Revere and Mohegan Sun won’t have the ability to file subpoenas until she rules in September on whether or not to dismiss their cases.