• We finally get a chance to check in with you about the Joint Terrorism Task Force shooting of Usaamah Rahim. How do you feel about so-called "home grown" terrorists?
  • Heather Goldstonejoins us from Cape Cod to share what you need to know about the beginning of the hurricane season,  plus the new expanded Clean Water Act, and how it might affect anumber of streams and rivers in Massachusetts.
  • Andrea Cabral gives us her take on the joint FBI-BPD investigation and subsequent shooting, as well as the 400 fatal shootings by police this year. She also discusses alternative justice in Ohio and the Justice Department's new approach to incarceration.
  • Lucas Cowan, curator of public art for Rose Kennedy Greenway talks about what's there now, and what's next.
  • Michael Nortonstops by to share his new research suggesting that over-sharing is better than being reserved. Then we get your stories. >>Read more here.
  • Alex Beam has things to say about Dershowitz' new law suit, the Hippocratic Oath, and our first ever BPR summer book club. Get reading, we're hosting our first on on June 25th!