Voters in Brockton are headed to the polls today to weigh in on whether they want to see a casino in the city. Developers need approval in this referendum to continue their bid to open a casino at the Brockton Fairgrounds.
Brockton is competing with New Bedford and Somerset for a state license to open a casino in Southeastern Massachusetts.

Larry Curtis is running a campaign funded by the development company that wants to build in Brockton. He says voters should support the plan because of the jobs it will bring.
“A development of this magnitude is going to bring an opportunity of 1400 construction jobs with preferential hiring to Brockton residents. Upon completion of the project there will be 1500 permanent full time jobs  with an estimated salary of $50,000 a year,” says Curtis.
The casino group has also promised payments of 10 million dollars a year to the city. Reverend Jill Wiley is with an opposition group led by faith leaders in Brockton. She says they object to a casino being built just a block from Brockton’s high school.
“It’s the location first of all, and foremost. But really for pastors and congregations, it’s the whole idea of preying on an already troubled city with a very troubling solution like a casino,” says Wiley.
Rival city New Bedford has a referendum scheduled for June 23rd. There’s no referendum date yet in Somerset, because the town has not reached an agreement with developers.