Governor Charlie Baker's plan for a fiscal control board will not be enough to fix the MBTA, said Mayor Martin Walsh on Boston Public Radio Friday. 

"I think the fiscal control board or some kind of fiscal management is needed for the T, but I think they'll need to go deeper," Walsh said.

Baker's plan is to assemble a five-member boardto manage operations and finances for the embattled public transit system until 2018. 

But Walsh said the MBTA's biggest problem was revenue, not management.

"It's going to come down to, at the end of the day, the dollars and cents going into the T," Walsh said.

"How do you get money into the MBTA? It's either some type of revenue-raising or cost-shifting," he said. "I think the money is going to have to come out of other programs."

Walsh Votes "Yea" On Olympics Ballot Question

Walsh said he would support a ballot question bringing the 2024 Summer Olympic Games to Boston as long as public funding is used solely for infrastructure improvements.

"The taxpayers of Boston are not investing in building an event venue, a stadium that will be taken down, housing that will be built, we're not investing in that," he said.

"People want a chance to vote on the Olympics. I support the will of the voter," Walsh said. "If the voter wants it, we have to make sure that it happens."

City Councilor Josh Zakim is leading the charge for a citywide ballot question on the Games, while groups like Evan Falchuk's United Independent Party and bid committee Boston 2024 have expressed interested in drafting language for a statewide initiative.

To hear the full "Ask the Mayor" segment, tune in to the audio link above.