Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker proposed changes to the law that would give him more control over the MBTA. 

Baker wants to create a new board to oversee the T temporarily. He would appoint three out of the board's five members.

At a press conference, Baker said the changes are necessary.  He said the T’s operating costs are too high and its performance is too low:

“Left alone, the MBTA would continue on an unsustainable path. Our region cannot afford this and our taxpayers shouldn’t have to.”

The law, as it stands now, gives Baker little control over the T.  But as service this winter got worse and worse, he started taking responsibility for the transit system and has said recently that he needs to "own the T."

Earlier this week, Baker secured the resignations of all of Governor Deval Patrick's appointees to the state transportation board.  Baker will now be able to shape transportation policy through his own appointees.