I. Joining Callie Crossley this week was Sue O'Connel (@sue_oconnell1)of Bay Windowsand The Souther End News, Reporter Mike Deehan(@deehan) of State house News Service and wgbhnews.org senior editor Peter Kadzis (@Kadzis). Among the stories they discussed: Mayor Marty Walsh admits there will be some taxpayer money involved in the 2024 Olympics, state lawmakers consider a ban on handheld devicesto combat distracted driving, Plus, local attorney Mary Bonauto will argue the upcoming same sex marriage case before the Supreme Court.

II. Just 5 years after launching, ChopChop: The Fun Cooking Magazine for Families, is one of the most successful publications in the country. But you won’t find the local magazine on your neighborhood newsstand. Sally Sampson, Founder and President of Chop Chop joined Callie to discuss the magazine and it's incredible achievements so far.