Kicking off his first Greater Boston with a bang, Jim Braude has the big three of Beacon Hill as you've rarely seen them: Gov. Charlie Baker, House Speaker Robert DeLeo and Senate President Stan Rosenberg are on together to talk about the budget, Boston's Olympic bid and more.

Then the two sides of the great Olympics debate face off. In the pro-Olympics-coming-to-Boston corner, we have Doug Rubin, a member of the Boston 2024 executive bid committee. And for the opposition, Smith College economist Andrew Zimbalist, whose new book is "Circus Maximus, The Economic Gamble Behind Hosting the Olympics and the World Cup."

Next, WGBH News' Margery Eagan, Democrat Shannon O'Brien and Republican State Rep. Keiko Orrall discuss the Olympics debate and whether Hillary Clinton’s inevitability may be at risk.

And lastly, Jim paid tribute to former Greater Boston host Emily Rooney.

We want to know what you think. Which side are you on in the Olympics debate? And any ideas which moved you from Beacon Hill's Big Three? Email us ( Tweet us (@greaterboston). Let us know your thoughts.