• We host our first Climate Hour with Heather Goldstone, we talk to her and to you about the science of climate change, and what we can be doing about it.
  • Next, a woman interviewed for a position at Abercrombie & Fitch wearing a hijab and was refused the job. We see what you think about the case.
  • Then we check in with Paul Revilleabout the new candidates for superintendent, the length of the school day, and what to do about all this missed time. Then we see what you think. >>Read more here OR >>Download our podcast.
  • Alex Beam returns from a six week hiatus in LA to discuss his survivor's guilt, Hilary's makeover, Finnish spas, and the redemption of the rat.
  • Finally we shift over to WGBH's Fraser studio to host the Bobby Keyes Trio, and we talk to them about the Boston music scene. >>Read more here