A snow-crippled MBTA is only running below ground Tuesday morning, with limited replacement bus service. The Commuter rail is also running behind, with the MBTA warning of cancelations. It may be spring before commuters see relief.

MBTA General Manager Beverly Scott has maintained that the T's aging infrastructure wasn't prepared to deal with the punishing snow storms have delivered over the past few weeks. And now she says it's going to take time for the T to recover.

"We're are looking at — totally to get to full service, I would tell you from the time that we finish with the last snow that it's going to take for full service — probably about, honestly, like 30 days," she said.

Scott says Gov. Charlie Baker's office has been talking about ways to increase the MBTA's eligibility for reimbursement. That's despite the budget put forward by Baker and approved by the Massachusetts Senate last week to cut $40 million from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, including $14 million cut from the T.

"The T is such a part of the commercial blood of this region that already the governor's office has begun — has been talking about perhaps there're ways — an additional bump, if you will, in terms of eligibility for some type of reimbursement," Scott said.