Many said it wouldn't happen. A well-connected official couldn't speed the process along. But somehow, despite all odds, it just did.

Friday on Boston Public Radio, Beat the Press host Emily Rooney revealed on BPR that for the first time in her life, she rode on the MBTA.

"I'm asked to go shovel off one of the paddle tennis courts which is over in Brookline. You know, it's at Pine Manor College," Rooney said. "I'm there for like two hours. So then, I asked one of my friends for a ride home, she said 'I can't, my daughter's coming home — but I'll drop you at the T."

In the past, no less than former Transportation Secretary Rich Davey hadtried, and failed, to convince Rooney to ride. Rooney confessed to being a tad nervous.

"My heart was beating out of my chest! How do I figure out the little ticket thing?"

Was it what she expected? "It was everything I imagined. And more."

"I like look like every other deranged person on the T because I've got my shovel with me," Rooney said. "The guy sitting across from me looked like he had just been run over by a snowplow. Had snow mashed into his face, falling asleep with his pants half-down to his [ankles]. Classic."

Would Rooney ride again?

"I would do it again. Yeah. It wasn't bad."

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