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Theblizzard of 2015 is upon us. How are you faring? Send us your blizzard photos: wgbhnews@wgbh.org. Don't forget to tell us your name and which town you're in. 

Scroll through the slideshow of the blizzard above. WGBH News will bring you updates on the storm throughout the day. Jim Braude and Margery Eagan are live on Boston Public Radio from 11AM to 2PM. Listen live here. Call in to the show: 877-301-8970. 

Is it just me or are there, maybe, bigger priorities out there right now? #BOSnow pic.twitter.com/KycJfuwk8y

High tide watchers in Swampscott #blizzardof2015 pic.twitter.com/AGSg6NoVBc

@Robert_Mills loving this sunshine we're getting pic.twitter.com/Wx4LC32isE

This is why you don't drive in a blizzard. #BOSnow pic.twitter.com/WlZjjwefw1

Definitely great bike riding weather. @OnlyInBOS #BOSnow #blizzardof2015 #blizzard #snowpocalypse pic.twitter.com/m6iddIuRXK

A street becomes a hill in Charlestown. http://t.co/srRiCTFwtE #BOSnow #blizzardof2015 pic.twitter.com/ORlHFNscFL

Out and about on E 6th #southie #juno2015 #whiteout @maureencaught @OnlyInBOS @SouthieSpots pic.twitter.com/FNXiACkTeX

The King's Beach sea wall is doing a bang-up job so far. pic.twitter.com/Hf5z4Qz0LO

NWSBoston: RT cctphoto: Deck collapse at Town Neck Beach Sandwich capecodtimes #capestorm pic.twitter.com/GhDba9fEOt

Deck collapse at Town Neck Beach Sandwich @capecodtimes #capestorm pic.twitter.com/1GyzPTNVfz

Six inches of water on Rte 6A in Sandwich, and it's LOW tide. Photo by Greg Berman of @WoodsHoleSeaGnt #capestorm pic.twitter.com/fJoBk89Mi0

This guy is having a blast! #bosnow #Juno pic.twitter.com/rIM9rSMbk3

Having a blast! #SantoTheLab pic.twitter.com/6KrF0Q6nzr

ICYMI: @BostonYeti2015 is the best thing to happen during the storm so far. http://t.co/hj6b1PzLK3 pic.twitter.com/T5NQsCEmFM

This is taking the space saving game to the next level: http://t.co/fTfexPcyFb #bosnow #Juno pic.twitter.com/helhagvxJJ

I guess the wind was pretty strong @universalhub pic.twitter.com/R6sx9ad9Ty

No flooding, which is great. But scary cold here on the Lynn-Swampscott line: pic.twitter.com/i2kSOwrG7s

No one is venturing out onto Border St. in Cohasset. But hey, it's also closed. pic.twitter.com/M46UdoEYMK

Bostonians, get your tauntauns fed and mounted. You're gonna need them. #Juno