With Election Day approaching on November 4, the 6th Congressional District race between Democrat Seth Moulton and Republican Richard Tisei is one of the most closely watched in the state.

Moulton - an Iraq war veteran who's making his first run for office - says he was motivated to run after experiencing some of the consequences of failed leadership in Washington. He says he wants to be in a position to help influence and improve future decision-making in Washington.

"I think at a time when we're facing crises with ISIS, Iran, and the nuclear weapons program - what to do in Ukraine, what to do in Syria - it would be helpful to have the perspective of a veteran, someone who spent time in the Middle East," said Moulton during an interview with WGBH's Bob Seay.

As a war veteran, Moulton says he would not put troops on the ground in Iraq.

Moulton's opponent disagrees, and says that in order to defeat ISIS, American boots may be needed on the ground. 

"That may well be what we have to do. Events are moving so quickly there," said Tisei during an interview with WGBH's Bob Seay.

Tisei said that unlike his political new-comer opponent, he has a track record of accomplishments in Washington by working across the isle, as well as a record of being independent-minded.

Morning Edition's Bob Seay spoke with Moulton on Thursday, October 30 and with Tisei on Friday, October 31.