If you want some perspective on the extent of international issues boiling over right now, consider this: Gaza is being decimated by war with Israel and Ebola is galloping unchecked across West Africa. In the Middle-East, the self-described Islamic State – or ISIS – has pulled the U.S. military back into Iraq and possibly into Syria. In Europe, President Obama is reassuring NATO allies as he wrestles with how to confront Vladimir Putin over Russia’s gradual invasion of Ukraine.  And in Asia, China is asserting itself militarily– aggressively pressing territorial claims against Japan, South Korea, and other U.S. allies.

The world suddenly looks a lot less friendly – and that’s concern  to 8th District (including South Boston, Brockton and Quincy) Congressional Representative Stephen Lynch, as he stops by to help us to take stock of international affairs.


Stephen Lynch is a former Massachusetts State Senator and current 8th District Congressional  Representative.