In many ways, the decades-long saga surrounding Whitey Bulger is over. The mob boss is behind bars, and the majority of his associates are either locked up or dead. But Wednesday, a supporting character in the Bulger drama, disgraced FBI agent John Connolly, was back in the news.

A Florida appeals court tossed out Connolly’s conviction for the 1982 murder of John Callahan. The ruling hinges on a technicality related to the charges filed against Connolly and the fact that he did not personally pull the trigger. 

The case will return to a lower court, and lawyers for the now 73-year-old have filed an emergency motion for his release. Connolly has always maintained his innocence, proclaiming it in a series of jailhouse letters he’s sent Emily Rooney over the years and in this 1998 interview on Greater Boston.