Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s upcoming trade mission to Israel is raising questions about whether the governor travels too much. 

Patrick announced this week he’s leading a delegation to Israel, Abu Dabi and Dubai.  Over the past six months he's also been to Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Panama, Mexico and Canada

Republicans, like state Representative Elizabeth Poirier, question whether this travel is necessary:

“I think the governor has a bag packed in the corner, and if the opportunity arises, he’s ready to go.”

Patrick told WGBH's Boston Public Radio at least he’s not like Republican Governor Mitt Romney who spent much of his last year in office out of state, on personal or political trips:

“One difference between the travel I’ve done and that my predecessor has done is that my travel is on behalf of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Patrick says as a result of his travel, foreign business leaders have created jobs in the Bay State.

The estimated price tag for the trip is $175,000.  It will be paid both by businesses and taxpayers.

Listen to the full interview with Governor Patrick here.