Boston EMS Incident Commander at MBTA train derailment updated report: 10 patients transported, 9 green and 1...

#MBTA Green Line trolley derailment- 6 injuried transported to local hosp. Bus diversion in place.

An MBTA train derailed at Fenway Station Monday afternoon, injuring at least five people, including the train's driver.

A person waiting for the D Line train posted the following video of the derailed train to Twitter (via Universal Hub).

MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo confirmed the derailment to WGBH News reporter James Edwards:

The first car of a two-car D train, bound for Riverside, derailed just west of Kenmore Station. Passengers have been walked off the train. Four people, including the operator of the derailed car, are reporting back pain. The derailment occurred in an area where the tracks for the D and C lines intersect. The cause is under investigation.

Pesaturo added in a subsequent email a fifth person had also reported back pain.

Boston EMS reported seven patients total:

Boston EMS on scene at the Fenway Station MBTA train derailment. Incident Commander reports 7 patients total, 6...