Jerome Grossman, a self-proclaimed liberal and mentor to progressive Democratic policymakers in the state, was laid to rest Sunday. 

Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey, Congressman Jim McGovern, and former Governor Michael Dukakis were among the dignitaries who attended Sunday's service at Levine Funeral Home in Brookline. 

Grossman’s nephew, state treasurer Steven Grossman, recalled his uncle’s work organizing anti-nuclear weapon and Vietnam war initiatives.  

"He was relentlessly focused on the goal in front of him, which was to reduce the threat of nuclear weapons, and to end the nuclear arms race. It's something he worked on from the time  Hiroshima Nagasaki took place until the day he died," he said. "The non-traditional, outside the box, counterintuitive, pioneering kinds of things that Gerry did all his life- putting the Vietnam Moratorium together with hundreds of thousands of people on church greens and on the Boston Common all over this country to end an unjust war."

State Treasurer Stephen Grossman commenting on the life of Jerome Grossman, an advisor to Democratic politicians in the state and policy makers.  He was 96.