Fancy wine shipments was the subject of a Beacon Hill hearing today. Massachusetts lawmakers may soon allow residents to get wine from other states shipped right to their homes. 

Right now, out-of-state wineries are not allowed to ship wine directly to Massachusetts consumers. Beacon Hill lawmakers are considering overhauling those restrictions. Representative Sarah Peak of Provincetown testified in front of a legislative committee in favor of changing the laws.
“Seemingly, I have a number of wine connoisseurs in my district and it seems like every time I turn around one of them is coming up to me, one as recently as this weekend saying, 'I’m trying to get this wine from a small vineyard in (fill in the blank) shipped to me but it is so burdensome and so expensive its just not worth it.'”
Supporters say Massachusetts wine lovers should be allowed to go online and order a fine wine or join wine of the month clubs.
Local wine and liquor distributors object. They say changing the law could hurt their sales, and they argue direct shipments make it easier for minors to buy alcohol.