In November, WGBH News will launch a new series, "You’re Not Alone: Caring for our Elderly".

In recent years, I found myself dealing with elderly parents who had a difficult time managing their lives. My sister and I flew back and forth to Michigan many times trying to help mom and dad with decisions about their health and living situation. We needed help and we learned a lot in the process of finding our parents good care.

For those who haven’t dealt with this or may be dreading that time coming, I can’t really describe how difficult it is watching your mom and dad—the people who know you best and have loved you the longest—begin to decline. But as people become older, they need someone to depend on.  Some of you may be going through the same thing now and you have most likely learned a few things along the way. Maybe you are still searching for some answers.

We'd like to hear from those who are caring for an elderly person to learn from our collective experiences. You probably have a great story and at least one piece of advice you can pass on to others.

We ask you to share one tip with others who are caring for an older person. Please post your advice in the comments box below and we will organize them in a way that offers help to others and may use them in our reporting.

-Linda Polach, executive managing editor of WGBH News