At age 85, he's still at it.

Boston activist Mel King was arrested Thursday morning for blocking entrance to Boston Housing Court while protesting evictions by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

“I’m here to get a CORI," King said, stating that it was his moral obligation.

This was the third protest at the Boston Housing Court in the last month against no-fault evictions held by New England Workers and Residents Organizing Against Displacement (NEW ROAD). The protests were organized after Fannie Mae evicted a union ironworker, Olivér Hendricks, from his Roslindale home.

“People focus on the house, but it’s the home that gets disrupted by this,” King said.

Among chants of “Halt No-Fault” King and three others blocked the building’s exit as other protesters drew near shouting support.

King was escorted to the wagon by an officer. Two additional protesters were arrested.