No person of color made the top two out of a 12 person field in Boston's preliminary mayoral race. But, five of the six candidates of color earned a total of 34 percent of the vote, with Charlotte Golar Richie getting 14 percent of that herself.

Golar Richie told WGBH senior reporter Phillip Martin that she welcomed all candidates of color into the race, even if it meant splitting the vote.

Phillip MartinUMass Boston's Trotter Review editor Ken Cooper, and Tufts University's Peniel Joseph joined Greater Boston to talk about race relations in the mayoral race.

"Boston, in terms of the way local, municipal politics have played out historically, they're in a different position now," Joseph said of the candidates of color. "It's a majority-minority city, but there's no power broker or community organization that could winnow these candidates out before they ran."

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