Lt. Governor Tim Murray talked with Emily Rooney in his only televised sit-down interview before taking over as President of the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce.


1:10 Bittersweet Departure: "I've been in elective office for 15 yrs. I've enjoyed it. Most days have been good and I got a lot done."

1:25 Taking the Chamber Job: "It's a unique opportunity to continue my work, and it's something that won't be there in 2015."

2:03 On the Car Crash & Michael McLaughlin Scandals: "People can speculate what they want, and some people have preconceived notions ... You're never going to be able to satisfy everyone."

3:15 On Media Scrutiny of Crash: "Media outlets were visiting every bar, restaurant, hotel, calling neighbors to ask if I was having marital problems. It surprised me, quite frankly."

3:35 On the Crash: 'Do I know exactly what happened? I don't. It was an accident that happened in seconds.'

4:35 On Crash: "I assure you, I can say unequivocally, I wasn't on the phone, I wasn't texting. It was an accident."

5:50 On McLaughlin: Hasn't talked to him. "He was one of about a dozen early supporters of mine in Merrimack Valley … I make hundreds of phone calls a week."

7:03 On McLaughlin: "I was not aware of some of the history that's reported. We do our best to do Google checks on people … No one bats .1000. You do the best you can. I've never engaged in a quid pro quo."

10:20 On McLaughlin: Can't - like anyone - guarantee McLaughlin won't implicate him. Complied with investigation, answered all questions. "I can't guarantee, based on his lying and misleading, and I don't think anyone else can guarantee."

13:00 On Boston Bias: "As Pres. Kennedy said, life isn't fair … I think it happens sometimes. What can you do?"

14:50 On Giving Back $250,000 in campaign coffers: Laughs, "We'll see."

17:50 On Whether the LG's Office Will Still Operate: "People never ask that when the governor leaves, and governors have left, though Gov. Patrick is not."

19:00 On his Staff: "I only have a staff of five, we travel light. Some will be transferred to other agencies."