The driving ban is still in effect in Massachusetts, and was praised by MEMA officials early this morning as very effective, as there were no major accidents or incidents in the state.

“We know that National Guard and state police rescued only about 30 stranded motorists. We’re very happy this morning that we don’t have clogged secondary roads to deal with,” said MEMA director Kurt Schwartz.

Schwartz added that they are not yet in a position to lift the travel ban anywhere in the Commonwealth, and that many communities are asking for the ban to be kept in place.

“I realize it’s an enormous inconvenience for everyone who wants to get back to their routines, but we ask for their patience,” Governor Patrick told Morning Edition. He expects to take stock throughout the day as to when the ban can be lifted. MEMA officials plan to reevaluate every 2 to 4 hours, but the ban may remain into tomorrow in some areas.

While highways are now passable but still dangerous, plows are creating narrow paths on secondary streets. Downed power lines and trees are creating obstacles to road clearing in some areas. Workers expecting to take second shifts at MEMA and some area hospitals are having trouble getting to work.

When asked about tonight’s Bruins game, Schwartz pointed out that the MBTA will not run trains today, as they focus on preparing for Monday’s commute, and that the city of Boston is not encouraging travel. He said he hopes the Bruins will consider the circumstances as they decide whether or not to play this evening.