Last night Mayor Menino delivered his 20th State of the City address. We don’t know what the ratings were but chances are it was must see TV for Bostonians. And folks we're probably tuning in for style as much as they were tuning in for substance. Of course that’s because this is the first time we’ve seen the Mayor for an extended period of time since he was hospitalized in October.

He talked about gun reform, affordable housing, education,  and improving work opportunities for women. Though his deep love and devotion for this city was supremely evident, Mayor Menino made no mention of running for another term.  However, he also did not come across as someone who plans to hit the golf course or take a cruise any time soon.

To go over last night's address, and other political news, Emily Rooney sat down with two people who pay close attention to Bay State politics.

Kevin Cullen, Columnist, The Boston Globe

Dave Wedge,Reporter, Boston Herald