Terry Francona is a sacred name for many Bostonians. Sure, the former Red Sox manager’s last season ended in a 7 and 20 month that dashed playoff hopes. But in his eight years with the Sox he brought the team two World Series titles and over 1,000 wins — not too shabby.

In his new book, “Francona: The Red Sox Years,” written with The Boston Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy, Francona takes readers into the dugout and inside the clubhouse. He also employs his trademark outspokenness, taking Red Sox ownership to task. 

Francona will be a guest on Greater Boston tonight at 7. Before we ask the tough questions, we wanted to look back at some of our favorite Tito moments.

During the infamous bloody sock game of the 2004 American League Championship Series, Francona argued with the umpires to overturn two calls crucial in securing a Red Sox win and forcing the series to a 7th game.


The crowd cheers for Tito during the 2007 World Series Parade.


Never known for being levelheaded, Francona had two separate seasons with five ejections. In this clip from July 10, 2012, he’s booted from a game against Toronto after arguing with home plate umpire Jeff Kellogg.


Fans give Francona a standing ovation during a celebration of Fenway’s 100th anniversary on April 20, 2012.


Tito remembers an accusation that Manny Ramirez stole the St. Louis Cardinals’ signs during the 2004 World Series.


Always the joker, Francona answers a question about the “climate” of the clubhouse during the September collapse of the 2011 season.


…And he’s still not done. Francona recently joked with newly appointed manager John Farrell, telling him, “I think your owners suck.”