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Parents Of Teen Killed By Driver Texting Behind The Wheel Push For Ban On Hand-Held Devices

As of last month, it is illegal to hold and talk on your phone while you drive in every state in New England, except for two: Maine and Massachusetts. Polls show a majority of Massachusetts voters support a ban, but the state has yet to pass it.

A rally was held today outside the Massachusetts State House, urging state representatives to pass a ban before it ends its legislative session. The rally was sponsored by a slew of groups, including TextLess Live More — an organization that was founded after the death of Merritt Levitan, an 18-year-old Milton Academy student who was on a cross-country bike trip in Arkansas when a distracted driver plowed into her and six other cyclists. Merritt later died from her injuries. Her parents, Richard Levitan and Anna Cheshire Levitan, joined Jim Braude to discuss.

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