Former Massachusetts Education Secretary Paul Reville called in to Boston Public Radio on Thursday, from what he described as "the land of educational uncertainty.”

Reville gave his usual breakdown of the biggest stories around the commonwealth's K-12 schools, which are currently struggling to sort out how they'll operate safely in the fall as cases of COVID-19 begin to climb.

“We’re in this highly disruptive position,” he said. “Parents need to make plans, teachers need to make plans. People need to know what they’re going to be doing, and not all of our school systems have been able to announce what they’re going to do — not all of our colleges, even."

Paul Reville is former state secretary of education and a professor at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education, where he also runs the Education Redesign Lab. His latest book is "Broader, Bolder, Better: How Schools and Communities Help Students Overcome the Disadvantages of Poverty."