Boston City Council President Andrea Campbell is an alumnus of Boston Public Schools and has been a frequent critic of inequities across the city's schools. Now, she has a plan to change things. This month, Campbell released an action plan that aims to improve equity across the system.

The plan is built around four “bucket items,” as Campbell refers to them, that seek to tackle issues ranging from redefining the role of the system’s central office to expanding access to early childhood education.

“The plan and the report is a catalyst to get BPS to move in the right direction,” Campbell said. “I was done just sort of sitting there saying, ‘We need to do more.’ This is what the 'more' is.”

The first part of Campbell’s plan is to first define equity. In writing the report, she said she spoke with several stakeholders in BPS to find a common definition of equity to work towards.

“Equity is giving every child what they need to succeed in school, and pursue a life of their choosing,” Campbell said. “In Boston, in particular, we must commit to the idea ... that those who have the least deserve the most from our public schools.”

To address those inequities, Campbell recommends a range of changes, including placing more special needs and English language learning programs in high quality schools, creating a role for City Hall in helping new parents navigate childcare from birth to five years old, and making more school system data open to the public.