A recent Boston Globe report that found 25 percent of Boston Public Schools valedictorians between 2005-2007 did not finish college within six years struck a personal chord with Boston City Council President Andrea Campbell. A graduate of Boston Latin School, Campbell said the city’s struggling public education sector is an issue she is focused on while she’s in City Hall.

“[The report] was depressing. It was sad. I already think we have tremendous work to do with respect to education in the city of Boston in ensuring that every student and every family that wants to go into our system [has] access to a quality school from K-12 grade, and preferably in their community,” Campbell said Friday in an interview with Boston Public Radio.

Elected officials throughout the state have said that public education is one of the most pressing issues facing the state. According to a 2015 report by the Foundation Budget Review Commission, the state’s education budget is underfunded by an estimated $1-2 billion a year. In the state legislature’s previous session, lawmakers debated until the 11th hour a bill that could help close that gap, but ultimately the House and Senate were unable to reconcile their individual bills into one package.

Boston faces a unique set of problems, and Campbell said BPS students are unprepared for college and future employment because of a lack of equality in the system.

“Everyone should be throwing their arms up and saying, ‘What is happening here?’” Campbell said. “I love [Boston Latin], but it should not be predominantly white and Asian, when most of our student population at BPS is brown and black.”

Campbell says she’d like the city to look at more innovative ways to help students, and there’s no reason a student should slip through the cracks.

“There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be able to do an assessment for every student, to see where they are and what they need, so when they leave our system they’re prepared to go out into the world,” Campbell said. “Boston can be the leader in this.”

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly identified the school that Campbell attended.