Nearly 200 students walked out of Madison Park Technical Vocational High School and into the district's headquarters Friday demanding answers as to why executive director Kevin McCaskil is being investigated.

They district said it isn't able to explain the reason for the investigation, but indicated it involves an incident with a student. Following the walk out, Boston public school officials promised to wrap up the investigation next week. 

Many students say McCaskil is like a father figure to them, and want him to return.

Twelfth grade students De'Monique O'Garro (l) and Ashley Zila Meneide (r) helped lead the walk out.
Bianca Vazquez Toness/WGBH News
A Madison Park student holds a sign. The crowd of nearly 200 students chanted "We want answers!"
Bianca Vazquez Toness/WGBH News
A vacant outdoor space next to a large school building. A sign reads "Madison Park Vocational Technical High School"
FILE — Madison Park Technical Vocational High School in Boston is seen on Dec. 8, 2017.
Bianca Vazquez Toness WGBH News
Boston Public Schools Assistant Superintendent Ligia Noriega-Murphy speaks at the district office.
Bianca Vazquez Toness/WGBH News
Twelfth grader Francisca Barros Depina (l), who helped lead the rally, sits with a fellow student.
Bianca Vazquez Toness/WGBH News