One year since Jim's first Greater Boston show, Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, Robert DeLeo (@SpeakerDeLeo), and President of the Massachusetts Senate, Stan Rosenberg (@SenStan), discuss the T, opioids, Uber, education funding, millionaire's tax and if they like each other.

T Fare Hike

Speaker DeLeo says that increases should be "the last option open," but he's "ok with it." Rosenberg thinks the fare hikes are "too high," because people won't be able to afford it in the long run. DeLeo wants the fiscal control board to "get their own house in order," before new taxes or fees are discussed. But Rosenberg wants to get to it "as soon as we can," as "reform has to be done." 

Millionaires Tax

Rosenberg supports the tax, and  DeLeo believes that he will support it. 

Education Budget

DeLeo says, "that's one of the items that we are taking a look at." Rosenberg says, "there aren't enough dollars." "It's not a spending problem, it's a revenue problem." On revenue, DeLeo responds that families are still struggling to make ends meet. 

Opioid Bill

DeLeo says that the house version of the bill includes a 24 hour treatment and seven day prescription limits. Rosenberg adds that the bill also allows for partial prescription bills. "This is a very important subject," says DeLeo. And while everyone agrees they have to do something, when it came down to the details, there were differences of opinions. Rosenberg says that the bill will be the "most aggressive program of fixes and assistance in the country."