I believe Tom Brady is telling the truth about deflategate. 

Just a few weeks ago that declaration would have prompted thunderous chortles. But a funny thing happened after the NFL Player’s Association released thousands of Brady’s emails and a transcript of his June hearing before NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. People stopped laughing because there is not a shred of evidence that Brady was involved in any way with game balls before the AFC championship in January.

More pathetic, both the Wells Report and the NFL have been completely dismissive of science when it comes to moving balls from indoors to out. Also glossed over - some of the Colts balls were also under inflated.

But before I get too football afield here, back to Brady. Yeah he had an assistant dispose of a cell phone - if you were Tom wouldn’t you? Worse, the fact that Roger Goodell has spent the last 8 months mired in this morass rather than address some of the serious issues surrounding the NFL: concussions and domestic violence - to name two.

I’m predicting Tom Brady will be cleared. Then again, when it comes to men and sticking to their guns,  you never know who will fire first.