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BPR's Summer Concert Roundtable, 6/28

BPR's Summer Concert Roundtable

A member of the group Tinariwen performs in Vienna in 2011. Tinariwen is performing in Cambridge this July.
Manfred Werner/Wikimedia Commons
BPR's Summer Concert Roundtable, 6/28

Summer is here, and what better way to ring in the season than with some live music?

Joining Boston Public Radio with their picks for the best upcoming shows around town were Rob Hochschild of the Berklee School of Music, A Celtic Sojourn host Brian O'Donovan, and Brian McCreath, host of WCRB's The Answered Question and The Bach Hour. They previewed some upcoming performances across a range of genres — for more information about the shows and artists discussed, see below.

Rob Hochschild's picks

Brian O'Donovan's picks

Brian McCreath's picks

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