A local British police department is saying it helped save Easter for fans of the chocolate egg.

A man was arrested in England after allegedly stealing a semi truck that contained 200,000 Cadbury Creme Eggs last Saturday, police announced.

The man, whom The Associated Press identified as 32-year-old Joby Pool, was stopped on the highway in Telford, a town in central England, shortly after the theft. Pool allegedly used a metal grinder to break through a gate and into the truck, according to the AP.

"The eggs-travagent theft took place on Saturday 11 February," the West Mercia Police tweeted. "Along with the crème eggs, a number of other chocolate varieties were also stolen."

In all, the seized chocolate is thought to be worth 40,000 British pounds, or slightly more than $48,000.

Pool entered guilty pleas to theft of a trailer, theft of its contents and damage to a chain lock, the AP reported. He is expected to be sentenced next month. [Copyright 2023 NPR]