A series of landmark Supreme Court decisions have shaken the nation in recent days, including the elimination of the constitutional right to abortion.

Many advocates, legal experts and politicians have suggested expanding the Supreme Court — increasing the number of justices — and eliminating the Senate filibuster as a way to balance out the rulings and move laws that have been stuck in place.

However, President Joe Biden doesn't seem to be budging, despite attempts to persuade him from people like Laurence Tribe, renowned legal expert and professor emeritus at Harvard Law School.

"I've tried to persuade the president that he at least shouldn't pour cold water on it, but he won't go that far, he keeps saying that he's against ending the filibuster and against expanding the court," Tribe told Jim Braude on Greater Boston.

"There's no good reason for the president to be deflating the energy, the possibility of court expansion helps to generate," Tribe said.

Retired Federal Judge Nancy Gertner said the recent Supreme Court decisions were a "power grab."

"This is a group of five... are doing what they're doing because they can and for no other reason, which in my view is not judicial, in my view it is political," Gertner said, adding, "For me it's the definition of a coup. A judicial coup."

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