Incidents of racism and discrimination make headlines every day. Some have been deadly, as in the recent case of Stephon Clark, who was shot 20 times in his back yard last month after police allegedly mistook his cell phone for a gun; or nearly deadly, as in the case of Brennan Walker, a black teen shot by a homeowner for asking for directions after missing the school bus. Other incidents have not been deadly, but still outrageous — like in Philadelphia, where two men who refused to leave a Starbucks were arrested for trespassing, and in Dover Township, Pennsylvania, where the police were called on five black women because they were golfing too slowly.

While some white people decry these injustices and move on, others are now calling for those with white privilege to step up and actually use it for good.

Jim Braude was joined by Shirley Leung, Boston Globe business columnist and WGBH contributor, and Michael Jeffries, an associate professor at Wellesley College to discuss.