Researchers project that by 2030, we’ll have as many as 80,000 more vehicles clogging up our roadways. We opened up the lines to ask you: Would discouraging drivers from double parking be enough to solve our traffic problems? Is the real problem building beyond the city’s capacity? Would the threat of a big parking ticket discourage you from clogging the roads illegally?

Last week, Scott Foster, a 36 year-old accountant, was called in as an emergency NHL goalie who ended up stopping all seven shots that came his way, sealing a victory for the Chicago Blackhawks. NBC Boston sports reporter and anchor Trenni Kusnierick joined us to talk about how Foster went from being a CPA to an MVP — among other sports headlines.

Last month the legislature released a compromise criminal justice bill that would repeal some mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenses and would change the way the state approaches juvenile offenders. ACLU Mass. Executive Director Carol Rose has been talking about this bill for months — she joined us to talk about this and other headlines.

Corby Kummer, food critic, senior editor at "The Atlantic" and columnist at "The New Republic," joined us to discuss the latest news in food. 

Canada's assisted dying law allows choreographed deaths — which means married couples can die at the same time. Medical ethicist Art Caplan joined us for this and more.

CNN’s John King, chief national correspondent and anchor of Inside Politics, joined us to discuss the latest politics headlines.

A new study says that the workplace is the fifth leading cause of death. Historian Nancy Koehn joined us for that.

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