While our judges are watching your Tiny Desk Contest video submissions on the hunt for this year's winner, NPR Music thought we'd have a little fun. Starting today, we'll be hosting weekly just-for-fun fan favorite votes that anyone — whether or not they entered the Contest — can participate in!

Each week, we'll choose a handful of entries from a given category and ask you to tell us your favorite. It's kind of like the superlatives in your high school yearbook.

This week, the theme is Desks In The Wild. Bob Boilen's desk – a.k.a. the Tiny Desk – might be stuck in one place, but the desks we've seen in this year's entries have shown up all over the place, including in the great outdoors. So we've chosen six videos we love, and we want you to weigh in: Which is your favorite video featuring a desk out of its natural habitat? This week's contenders are below; check them out, then head over to the Tiny Desk Contest site to vote.

Kanan Morelock, "Because of You"

Sometimes, a great song inspires you to get up and move. It seems like that was the case for Kanan Morelock's Tiny Desk Contest entry. Joined by guitarist Sam Palmer, Morelock sings a heartbreaker of a blues track from behind a green wooden desk. And neither he nor the desk stays still for very long. We're impressed with the amount of coordination it took to make this video; could it be your favorite of our nominees for this week's Desks In The Wild fan vote?

Swimwear Department, "Submarine"

Houston-based rock band Swimwear Department says it mainly plays songs "about shopping malls and swimming pools." The group stayed delightfully on-brand for its Tiny Desk Contest entry by putting its requisite desk in a swimming pool. Singer Matt Graham even dives in halfway through the song while the rest of the band — Ned Gayle, Jack Gordon and Jeremy Grisbee — stay (mostly) dry on land.

Yardij, "Distance"

Indie rock group Yardij filmed its entry video in the bright sun of south Florida. The group brought an old desk into an empty field to perform a stripped-down — but still high-energy — version of its song "Distance," led by the powerhouse vocals of singer Deja Elyze. We're just glad the group's performance didn't seem to bother the miniature horse who's grazing in the background.

Skies Speak, "Water Into Gold"

Some styles of music lend themselves more easily than others to outdoor performances. Dragging an acoustic guitar outside to play a quick tune, for example, presents fewer logistical challenges than, say, assembling your horde of synthesizers and keyboards outdoors. But Skies Speak, the solo project of Jordan Vidrine, managed to do just that for his entry. Vidrine's video for "Water Into Gold," shot in rural Louisiana, shows him performing a moving electro-rock song in an open field, on a desk covered in electronic equipment.

Chattahooche Golden Child, "Yeah Right"

Georgia's Chattahoochee Golden Child filmed its Tiny Desk Contest entry at night. The video starts with singer Lianne Christman welcoming us to Atlanta before the band launches into "Yeah Right." It's a its smoldering blues-rock song perfectly suited to being played by moonlight.

Joey Booker, "Bubblegum On My Shoe"

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