If a cheetah happens to saunter into your car, this video would suggest that the best idea is to stay absolutely still until it gets distracted by a passing gazelle.

That's what happened to Peter Heistein in Tanzania's Serengeti National Park.

"A cheetah decided to explore our vehicle on a safari I was leading for Grand Ruaha Safaris," Heistein, a wildlife photographer, wrote on Instagram.

"Another jumped up on the hood and was staring at us through the windshield. They were just curious, we kept calm and let them go about their business," he said. "Quite a thrill to be this close!"

And while the cats are known for their speed, it's safe to say that this cheetah took its time – it was there for about 10 minutes, according to the BBC.

The video shows it entering into the right back seat, curiously sniffing. The driver is frozen in the front seat.

The cheetah in the car appears to grow more comfortable, as the man's eyes suggest growing concern. It wraps its paws around the headrest on the front passenger seat and casually checks out the sunroof.

Heistein writes that taking a video "kept me busy, which I needed just then." He adds that the guide explained that the animals just wanted to use the vehicles as a high vantage point.

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